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True North Psychology

We welcome you to True North Psychology and trust that you will find your therapeutic experience with us invaluable.


Get to Know Us

True North Psychology was born out a desire to provide effective, evidence-based treatment to our local communities.

TNP was always conceived as a generalist clinic, in that we hope to be able to provide treatment for a broad range of issues. That being said, TNP has developed a few key areas of expertise including the treatment of those struggling with suicidality and self-harm, eating disorders, and meeting the specific needs of our LGBTIQAP+ communities. TNP remains a strongly values-based organisation. A core value for us is around sustainability, extending into how we value and nurture our staff.

We provide a space that is safe, comfortable and respectful so that you can begin to explore the issues most important to you and come to a greater understanding of these. We help you to build a life worth living by balancing acceptance, validation, empathy and a listening ear with the teaching of pragmatic skills and tools that can transform your life.


Our psychologists draw on a wide variety of evidence-based therapies to ensure treatment is tailored to your unique needs. At True North Psychology we help you to find your way.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
– Mahatma Gandhi

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