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Our Vision

Our Mission

Help people find their way.

To empower change, nurture acceptance, and cultivate wisdom to help people create a full and meaningful life. 

Our Values


True North Psychology offers evidence-based, strategic-focused therapy that empowers you through skills development. We are committed to assisting you to reach your goals and desired outcomes, and acknowledge and respond to your evolving needs over time.



Our team comprises highly qualified and competent Psychologists, with a commitment to ongoing professional development and training. Each of our Psychologists dedicates appropriate pre-session time to prepare for your individual needs, with a view to providing the best possible service and outcomes. We have the competence and willingness to address a broad range of complex issues.



Our Psychologists and staff provide compassionate care to all clients. From the time of your initial contact with True North Psychology until your final appointment, you can have confidence that you will experience kindness, empathy and validation.



Our Psychologists and staff place a high premium on the authenticity of our relationship with you. You can expect to be treated with honesty and fairness. While therapy is a serious endeavour, appropriate good humour is a hallmark of True North Psychology.



True North Psychology provides a safe and welcoming environment, in which we treat each other and you the way we would like to be treated: in a non-judgmental way, and with respect, acceptance and courtesy.



True North Psychology is a supportive workplace based on mutual collaboration and teamwork. This collaborative approach extends to working closely with GPs and, with your consent, other health professionals and family members.



True North Psychology strongly supports social and environmental sustainability. We work actively to minimise our carbon footprint, and adopt workplace practices that contribute to meaningful work-life balance. We value self-care and caring for one another.



True North Psychology is committed to making a worthwhile contribution to our community through our diverse range of services which include: individual therapy, group therapy, supervision of Psychologists and other health professionals, mentoring, training, research projects, student support, corporate coaching and working closely with community groups and NGOs.


True North Psychology accepts that life, business and psychology are in a constant state of change. We embrace fresh ideas, new technologies and positive risk-taking in striving to improve our processes and outcomes. At the same time, we acknowledge, change can be hard.  

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