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Depression Treatment

Depression is very common and affects about one in six people.

Depression is different from just feeling sad (a very normal human emotion) and can effect us in a number of ways including:

  • Ongoing low mood

  • Decreased enjoyment of usual activities

  • Difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, or sleeping much longer than usual

  • Changes in appetite or eating habits

  • Difficulty with concentration or feeling indecisive

  • Feeling tired and run down

  • Feeling guilt-ridden

  • Feelings of worthlessness

  • Feeling sped up or slowed down

  • Thoughts that life is not worth living

People may start to isolate themselves from friends and family and avoid social gatherings. People may struggle to get out of bed, develop pessimistic thoughts about themselves, their future and about the state of the world.

People may have thoughts such as “it’s all too hard” and may use alcohol or drugs as a means to cope. The appearance of any of these thoughts or behaviours is a sign that it’s time to seek professional help.

Psychological therapy can assist you to identify the symptoms of depression and take actions toward improving your mood, increasing your activity level and reducing unwanted thoughts.

Contact True North Psychology today to make an appointment to speak about depression. 

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