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Professional Supervision

The following clinicians are presently able to offer professional supervision to a variety of health professionals including:

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Counselling Psychologists

  • Generally Registered Psychologists

  • Counsellors

  • Case-managers, key-workers and other mental health workers

  • Teams and groups from non-government organisations


Lyndon Barei

Lyndon provides individual and group supervision to those working in counselling or other mental-health related roles. Lyndon believes in skilling people up to feel confident in their client and business-building work and tends to utilise a coaching model in supervision. Lyndon is STAP-accredited.

Pablo Navarro

Pablo is a STAP-accredited clinical supervisor and has experience supporting and supervising the practice of other clinicians; both trainee and experienced.

Pablo has experience in both counselling and clinical psychology.


Dr Lynne Hayes

Lynne is a STAP-accredited clinical supervisor and provides supervision for clinicians working with adults with range of mental health issues including complex trauma and those with a health psychology presentation.

Melanie Green

Melanie is a STAP-accredited supervisor and provides secondary supervision in the 4+2, 5+1, registrar program, re-entry program and transitional (overseas qualified) programs. Melanie supervises in general mental health presentations.

Shannon Bramwell

Shannon is a STAP-accredited clinical supervisor and has a particular interest in providing supervision to clinicians working with clients with eating disorders and co-existing trauma or borderline personality disorder. Shannon also has experience in supervising clinicians in general mental health presentations for the clinical registrar program.

Ashleigh Olive

Ashleigh is a STAP-approved supervisor and has capacity to provide supervision to psychologists working with eating disorder clients and seeking support in the delivery of CBT-E, SSCM, FBT, or CBT-AR.  Ashleigh also has capacity to provide supervision to Sport & Exercise Psychologists, or health professionals working within sport systems, regarding the treatment of mental health concerns in athletes, in particular eating and body image concerns.  Ashleigh also enjoys supporting mental health professionals who are seeking business coaching support to establish a sustainable and values-driven private practice model.

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