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Cognitive Testing

A cognitive testing assessment in progress at our clinic in Wilston, Brisbane.
A pile of books relevant to psychology and cognitive testing of all ages.

What is Cognitive Testing? 

Cognitive testing, or neuropsychological assessment, is an in-depth assessment into a person’s cognitive functioning. This includes assessing one’s intellect, problem-solving and reasoning skills, attention and concentration, learning and memory, language abilities, visuo-spatial skills, and motor and sensory skills.


Cognitive testing can help in the diagnosis of a range of conditions, such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), specific learning disorders (SLD), intellectual disability (ID), giftedness and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It can also provide an individualised strengths-and-weaknesses profile to guide treatment and provide recommendations for interventions where required.


Our psychologists will meet with you to understand your concerns and history, then conduct the testing based on your needs. Testing sessions are typically 1 on 1, and you will be required to complete several standardised tasks. Following testing, you will be provided with feedback on your results and an individualised report. 

Contact us for more details about what is involved in neuropsychological testing.

You may benefit from cognitive testing if you are…
  • struggling with school, university or general learning 

  • facing difficulties in reading, writing, and/or mathematics 

  • wanting to identify giftedness

  • having difficulty with concentration, attention, hyperactivity or memory 

  • an older adult who’s experiencing memory loss that you or loved ones are finding worrying

Our Assessment Services

Child assessments (6 years+)

  • Intelligence assessment (IQ)

  • Educational assessment (academic learning, giftedness, specific learning disorders)

  • Comprehensive assessment (e.g. attention, executive function, memory, behavioural concerns)

  • *TNP is unable to offer ADOS/MIGAS assessments at this time

Adult assessments

  • Intelligence assessment (IQ)

  • Specific learning disorders

  • ADHD assessment (attention, hyperactivity, executive function)

  • Memory concerns

  • *TNP is unable to offer ADOS/MIGAS assessments at this time

Pricing & Bookings 

Fees for cognitive testing


Fees vary depending on the assessment type required. 

Intelligence (IQ) assessment – $1800

Comprehensive assessment (e.g., attention/education/SLD/memory) - $2800

Payment of $300 is required on completion of your initial appointment. 

Remaining payment is required 7 days prior to the testing appointment to confirm your booking.

*Fees may vary depending on the type and complexity of testing. A quote will be provided to you at the time of booking your testing session. 


There are currently no Medicare rebates available for the neuropsychological assessment and cognitive testing services available at True North Psychology. 

NDIS funding may be available, please discuss this with your NDIS support coordinator or plan manager. 

Some private health funds may offer rebates and clients are encouraged to speak to their provider. 

Make a booking​

Contact our admin team to book an initial appointment for neuropsychological assessment/cognitive testing. 

Ph 38560004



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