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Why Refer to a Provisional Psychologist?


True North Psychology offers provisional psychology sessions at a reduced rate of $150 ($180 after-hours), equating to a similar out-of-pocket cost that a patient would incur seeing a Registered or Clinical Psychologist under a MHCP.


Our Provisional Psychologists often have shorter wait times, meaning patients can access therapy sessions sooner. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the number of sessions that someone can access with a Provisional Psychologist.

Extensive Supervision and Ongoing Professional Development

Our Provisional Psychologists participate in frequent supervision with an AHPRA approved psychologist, allowing them to draw on the experience of a senior clinician. Provisional Psychologists are also required to participate in professional development and self-directed learning to further develop skils and knowledge around relevant and current psychological theories and evidence-based therapies.

Recent University Training

Having completed recent extensive university education, our Provisional Psychologists are up to date with the most recent psychological research and treatment modalities.

True North Psychology is pleased to offer immediate availability with our Provision Psychologist Kelsie Whittaker. She enjoys working with children, adolescent and adult clients in the areas of anxiety, depression, life stress and emotion dysregulation.


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