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Therapy in the time of social isolation

It is clear by now that over the next six months or more we are going to have to change the way that we interact with the rest of the world and how we live our lives.

Regardless of virus, people will continue to need therapy. In fact, due to the rapidly changing nature of this situation and the uncertainty that this brings, we can anticipate that many of us will be feeling anxious about the future. This is yet another area where talking with a psychologist can help.

Within the clinic we will be practicing social-distancing, endeavouring to have you and your psychologist sitting 1.5 metres away from each other. It goes without saying that our cleaning protocols have also been increased to ensure that we keep you and our staff safe.

We also know that many people have already chosen to self-isolate in a bid to flatten the curve. If you are choosing to self-isolate we are able to conduct therapy via phone or teleconference (audio-visual link).

Additionally, if you have a Mental Health Care Plan and fit specific criteria set by Medicare, we are able to bulk-bill such telehealth sessions. The criteria includes:

  1. You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 but are not an inpatient of a hospital

  2. You have been required to isolate or quarantine yourself on the advice of a medical practitioner

  3. You are more susceptible to COVID-19 owing to being:

- 70+ years of age

- 50+ years of age and of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent

- Pregnant

- Parent of a child under 12 months of age

- Immune-compromised or already under treatment for a chronic medical health condition

In the case where your Psychologist is required to quarantine themselves, they will also be able to continue with therapy via telehealth (provided that they are well enough, of course!)

It is important to maintain regular therapy during these unsettling times so please prioritise your mental health and allow us to continue supporting you.

If you would like your next session to be via telehealth please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly reception staff.

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